Thursday, 6 October 2011


PARIS — Despite strong opposition from the United States, Germany and several other European states, the Palestinians gained initial approval on Wednesday of a bid for full membership in Unesco — the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization — as part of their broader campaign for recognition as a state by the United Nations Security Council. 

Well I view this as good news for the following reasons. 

UNESCO is good because the real cutting edge science destroys the tenets of the Islamic religion. 

UNESCO is good because it means that they sign up to ecological and self-sustainable living. That means no more hand outs from Westerners tax pockets. 

UNESCO is good it means the PLO will have to have accountability for every sacred site in their care. They will not be allowed to destroy sacred sites like orthodox Muslims did to Buddhist structures and the tomb of Joseph. It means that they are not allowed to deface any ancient building with Arabic. 

UNESCO is about self-responsibility and self-discipline, living in harmony with creation. 

All Israel should be a UNESCO world heritage site. 

The PLO will curse the day they ever signed up to UNESCO. 



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