Saturday, 22 October 2011


Prince of Persia is at it again, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iranian Leader.

He claims that Israeli's are not Jews. Well bearing in mind that many Israeli's had to flee Israel due to many Islamic invasions, and the fact that many modern Israeli's are from Middle Eastern countries does the Prince of Persian speak truth?

Well I as about to write a report about the rest of the video of his speech to the Iranian's. However, the video was removed by its user while I was in the process of doing so. He was critical of America for what they have done to their own people and we all what the Iranian leaders have done to Iran. In one breath he talks about the love of Jesus Christ in the next breath is talking about nuclear energy. Do the two go together? Certainly not.

He also mentioned that the Prophet of Islam is honored by the world.

Is that true?


The Saudi prophet was not who the Islamic scholars have told the world that he is.

Enough said.

To cap it all he thanked ELOHIM for what uprising of the people around the world.

Big smiles


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