Friday, 7 October 2011


Giving the peace prize to Obama in 2010 brought the Nobel giving into the eyes of the truth movement.  Most agree it was a disgraceful act, due to his attack on Pakistan 4 days into his presidency. Followed up by war in Afganistan and we all know about Libya. This year they have done it again, this time an African leader sells out to China and then gets a nobel. 

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as held a string of financial positions including at the UN, nothing like keeping it in the family. The BBC report, that "Despite the popular appeal of her opponent, analysts say she won because of background as a development economist."

In other words, in the pocket of the world bank.

African leaders are selling out, selling out more and more the natural resources of Africa that the LORD God gave to the African people not China.  

It seems that its only people from the African continent that are nominated these days for Nobel peace prizes. Of course it does help if you are a money changer and sell your people and its resource for a price. 

$2.6bn iron ore concession agreement was entered into between the government and China Union, a consortium of Chinese companies.

What does money have to do with peace? Absolutely, nothing. 


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