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Staying with the battle of the Catholic Church and its war against the Spirit of Sophia, the tongue of the Spirit of truth.

I have just received this email from the USA regarding another Catholic scandal in Spain. The 27th of October is the 'Day of Impulse'. No surprise that the email is timed at 11.22. Two master numbers.

Is there any future for the Vatican and its Clergy? Clearly not.


Date: Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Subject: Another Catholic Church Scandal - Thousands of Stolen Babies in Spain

For years the Catholic Church has run hospitals in Spain and have been kidnapping babies, telling their mothers/parents that their baby died at birth and selling them to 'good Catholic families'. Some claim the incidents could run into the thousands. This seems to have started at the time of the Spanish Civil War with the blessing of the Catholic Dictator Franco - to remove children from those regarded as dissidents/opposition or enemies of the state.However, it was continued on by the church run hospitals for years after that era. 

Doctors, nuns and priests, selling babies on to more devout families. On discovering this scandal, bereaved parents insisted on exhumations for DNA evidence at the infant tombs they paid for, only to find coffins of just stones or other adult remains (showing again more Church collusion with priests acting the lie with false tombs/empty coffins).This has just been shown on a TV documentary in UK and here are articles:

Having this practice exposed in Spain has led to other countries looking at whether this may have happened in their Church run hospitals too, especially where children are sold for adoption.

If all the cases demand compensation through law (!!!:eek:), the Spanish government is in financial straits and so far, the RC Church is being as evasive as it was over the abuse scandals - the cost would be crippling! 

This posted at exactly 10:10, 10+10 = 20 = JUDGEMENT 

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