Wednesday, 5 October 2011


After I wrote that post about the Iceland Katla volcano on our other blog, and the fact that the kettle is boiling. The LORD God said 'Antiques'. I once new a journalist that wrote about me and antiques and there was also a journalist called 'Kettle'.

Straight after that, I looked at the BBC and Sarah Palin as declared that she will not run for president in 2012. Sarah as decided to put her family first. That is a good and wise decision, bearing in mind that she does have young children to care for, and children do need their mums. Plus she can do more push and pull on the outside of the system instead of being inside of it.

So yes, the LORD God is right, Sarah is a journalist and an antique. Although a very beautiful one. The antique kettle is certainly boiling, and Sarah will pour some very hot water over the opposition. The post on the 'magpie cross' also mentioned a collector and that there was some news coming. The month of November was also mentioned. So keep an eye out for Sarah in November.

Always remember that Sarah is another Aquarian like myself, another water bearer. When she pours out that water its hot, very hot indeed.

Well let's hope those she helps, listen to her and her strategies, she was certainly shown the ropes in 2008. Although apart from Ron Paul, I haven't seen anyone that as the statesmanship of a president like him. So let's see who steps up to the challenge. Its certainly not one that I would wish to take on in this economic and ecological climate.

So may Sarah be like a hot spring, let off some steam, hold wisdom close to her heart,  and bring all the men and bankers to account, in the run up to the next election.

We wish Sarah, Todd and her family all the health and happiness in the world.


PS In the medium to long term, I do not feel that Alaska is a safe place to be. So I do recommend that she relocates.

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