Thursday, 6 October 2011


To my generation, this is like looking at Nazi Germany all over again. Nonie Darwish, from Arabs for Israel sent this information out. This was done by Muslims to a Muslim from Iraq that lives in the USA, a Muslim who wrote a poem in defense of Israel. The man is from St Louis, Missouri.

Please see picture on the front page mag blog.  

A Pro-Israel Arab site: The poem in protest was featured here. It is in Arabic: “Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust”  

Of course there is a media blackout from the politically correct media, the Liberals, and don’t even get me started on the so-called spiritual leaders in the USA, that say nothing, and do nothing to stand up to this serious injustice, inequality and contravention of freedom of speech.  

The media are not in the market of truth are they?  

Those that remain silent about crimes like this are complaint to the suffering in the world.  

This is how Muslims silenced other Muslims that stood against orthodoxy, the real tenets of Islam is to do everything you can to defend the belief system of Mohammad and that includes violence if necessary.  

While we allow the perpetrators of this to go unspoken of, we are actually allowing them to make good Muslims and others afraid.  

Never be afraid, the sword of truth is mightier than most people know for pricking the conscience of those that are sleeping.  

The wisdom is in knowing which ones are worthy of your attention and energy. 

This is the biblical timeline when you will see the difference between the righteous and the wicked.  

To defend the good Muslims we must call out the ones that seek to control them with their belief system of violent action against others.  

Freedom of speech will reign supreme and we will make sure that it does.  

Together, hand in hand, side by side.  

Born free..... 


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