Monday, 17 October 2011


It was in 2010 that the LORD first spoke of the death warrants that people were signing and it was found to be to do with race tracks. [1]

13th of May we posted about the death the racing driver 'Wouter Waylands'. [2]

Now we have Dan Wheldon, British racing driver die in the Indy 300, there was carnage at the racing track as the cars piled up. Dan was driving car 77 and seven is to do with forgiveness. He was on the 13th lap and 13 is the number of 'love' and 'the one' in Hebrew. There were also 33 drivers in the race, and 333 was to do with the wisdom of sophia gateway opening in March 2010.

I have to say, I have little sympathy for people that die racing cars on race tracks. My sympathy is with the families that have to live with the race; with the danger everyday that they are alive. Its like when a man goes to war, you never know whether he is going to come home back through the front door.

No matter what you think about racing, the fact of the matter is that racing car drivers are adulterous, and what they do is the complete opposite to being godly. As such, they sign their own death warrants.

33+77 = 100 = Spiritual law, as the bible predicted, the measure you give; will be the measure that you will receive. The 16th of October was the day of 'Essential Judgement'.

The numbers mentioned are based upon information provided by the maker of the video featured.

However, the Daily Mail claim is was lap 11 not 13. As we know 11 is the master number of duality.

77+11 = 88. 88 divides by the master number of 22 x 4 and this is a four year.

No surprise then that this is the 22nd post in October.

The Daily Mail also report that he told his fans that he was planning to put on a show for them

he was racing for a controversial $5 million,  in a controversial race.

He leaves a wife and two babies who have now lost their daddy, due to a man's passion for racing.

You will never guess where he was living?

Tampa, Florida and the LORD God said that he was not happy with Tampa back in 2009.

When will men put children first?

May he rest in peace and his family be comforted at this time.




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