Monday, 24 October 2011


In Zambia they have at least six children per family yet cannot even provide the essentials. Having six children when parents cannot afford them is senseless. The more children people have, the more poverty is co-created. Then African leaders ask the Western tax payers; to fund their population growth of poverty, while Westerners restrict themselves to one or two children due to sheer cost of bringing up a child.

Why should the West pay for Africa's lack of self-discipline?

Westerner's say that African's require education to make the changes. However, every person is born with knowing what is right and what is not. Every person is born with a conscience; and it does not require education to know it. Time for African leaders to talk about having a conscience and what that means for children.

The more children that parents have is not just an economical issue. It is also an emotional issue because parents have to divide their time and effort between them and the larger the family, the less quality time there is for each child. So then the children end up looking after each other, and that can co-create issues for them later in life. Then the never ending cycles continues. Children that did not get their needs met in childhood, then grow up and have children to feed their thirst for the lack of love they received as children.

Its going to be harder in the future if African leaders do not help their people to develop organically and ecologically. Food Aid is not the solution. Never has it been, and nor will it ever be so.

Love is the key for those families that are healthy like those in this clip. These families could be provided with the techniques and have their own fish farms so that there is plenty of food for all. Education is not going to feed the people because there will never be jobs for everyone.

Food feeds the people and we have to help the people to become self-sustainable.



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