Friday, 14 October 2011


This is a wonderful message received from the Son of God in January 2009, its called 'It costs nothing to save'. [1] because that is what he said five times.

The post also mentions 'Titanium' and they have found large deposits of it on the moon. The moon is enriched with titanium in concentration far higher than what is found on earth. Titanium is used in spacecraft. [2]

22 Chemistry = The atomic number of Titanium (Ti) and 22 is a Master number. More information on the importance of that in the post link. [1] There are also 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

As we know the wondrous woman from heaven as the moon under her feet. Rev 12.

The Ancient Greeks built 41 temples on Sicily. 40 facing East towards the Sun and one facing West. [3] It is written that the one facing West is the lunar one in honor of the healer Hecate. Lunar = moon = Titanium. Interesting that during the early parts of my Rev 12 time I had a titanium laptop. It was replaced in 2006, prior to the first mission to Israel.



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