Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Commette Meteorite

This is a lovely story of how an egg shaped meteorite weighing 3oz hit the roof of a family house in Draveil (Essonne), 12 miles south of Paris,  France.

The Independent reporter Rob Hastings wrote that its older than our solar system, and had been flying through space for more than four billion years. There have only been 50 such objects arrive in France in the last 400 years. As the journalist wrote it is an unlikely coincidence. [1]

Its prophetic that it hit the home of a French family with the family name Commette. Alain Carion, a mineral scientist said that the celestial rock is known as a 'chondrite' with an age of about 4.57 billion years.

So what are the signs? Coat of Arms of Essonne and its pronounced 'Eson'. Wiki says it takes its name from the Gallo-Roman, River goddess attested at Orleans. There is also another place in France with the name Essonne and that is Corbeil-Essonne. Corbeil Essonne also as links with the name 'Joseph' and 'Elijah'. If you look at their coat of arms it has the heart and the wheat. [4]

Essonne is the headquarters of 'Arianespace Company', a major commercial aerospace launcher, servicing companies who wish to launch satellites into space. That in itself, certainly makes one question whether this is a coincidence at all. However, let us continue looking at the numerics and their relationship with the biblical prophecies etc.

4.57, This is a four year and I am 57 years old. 457 is also the Jewish gematria value of 'First Born'.

Many people think that wormwood in the bible is a comet and we kept telling them it wasn't.

South is the direction of the Queen of the South mentioned in the New Testament to do with the judgement. 12 relates to the wondrous woman from heaven in Rev 12. Egg shape is to do with the birth and the new beginning. The weight of three is to do with the Trinity and the 'Science of Being'. Its also to do with three aspects of the one.

My genetic mother was also half French, with a French maiden name, she said the family left France during the French revolution. The flower on the coat of arms is featured in the Nostradamus prophecies, about the one that would not be seen for 40 years and then after that they could be seen everyday. Its called the Iris prophecy because Nostradamus worked with iris for healing depression. He knew that the one to come would also work with vibrational medicine. 


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