Thursday, 26 April 2012


26th of April and military crash at 'SWINEFLEET'. Certainly no coincidence. 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. The 26th of April is the 'Day of Cultivation'.

Three people have been seriously injured, police say there were four casualties involved in a crash involving a military vehicle in East Yorkshire near Swinefleet.

Three relates to the Trinity of your being, and four relates to the four sacred directions. The crash happened a SWINEFLEET,  clearly the spiritual law of the cosmos is telling the people what God thinks of the military and its swinefleet. It happened at East Yorkshire and East is the direction of the spiritual teacher, Yorkshire is in the north of England, and the north is to do with healing.

As we know Jesus Christ warned his followers about the swine and not to give the pearls of wisdom to them.

The same applies to the police force, 31 police officers have refused to give evidence about the shooting of Mark Duggan and the IPCC does not have the authority of compel them. Remember the dream about the shooting and those that were looking after their own butts? Alarm bells are going off.


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