Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Debt the Ripper Strikes EU

It brings sadness to my heart to read and hear that people across Europe are committing suicide due to austerity measures. It feels that with all the financial abundance in Europe; people are still refusing to open their hearts to give and that is heavy karma. 

In the Christ teachings what you give comes back to you 30, 60, or 100 fold. People reap what they have sown. The fact that the rich and wealthy did not give willingly from their hearts, means that it will come back upon them in ways that they would have never imagined possible. 

For every suicide that is a result of austerity measures; a life taken due to those who imposed it will be responsible for it. It can take many lifetimes before they can make atonement; because they have blood on their hands. When the people kill themselves due to not being able to live to feed themselves, then those that took the lands of the people and laid the tax burdens upon them, will pay the price hugely. 

You cannot neglect the elderly, and the people of your nation and get away with it in the spiritual law of the cosmos. All are held accountable for what they do in thought, word or deed. Only those that are liberated from the never ending cycles are truly liberated from the law of karma and its cause and effect. 

Only people like myself that have experienced the Kingdom of God, those that have experienced Nirvana know the way of Spirit home on the highway to holiness. The bible predicted the 'wicked' would not walk in the light of the highway to holiness. 

Those that have taken their own lives due to poverty are forgiven, I understand how weak that they feel, I have carried their pain and suffering to the point that I could not grieve anymore. the LORD God and his Son also understands. Their lives were not in vain, their love for humanity is not in vain. As we know the LORD God asked for mercy, not sacrifice. 

Jesus knew that when I came, I would be ashamed of what he called an 'adulterous and sinful' generation. He knew that I would feel ashamed at their thoughts, words and deeds. However, my heart goes out to the poor, it goes out to those that have been forgotten, for I have not forgotten you, and nor as the LORD God and his Son. The shame is upon the rich and wealthy where the debt ripper is ripping nations apart. There will be no place for the rich and wealthy to hide themselves, if they continue to deny the will of the LORD God. 

"Struggling with money has proven to be an unbearable burden for a Greek pensioner - who has shot himself dead in a square in central Athens. It's just one of a string of suicides across the EU, caused by financial desperation and the continuing, harsh austerity measures. RT's Tesa Arcilla reports from Brussels." 

The man was 77 years old, and seven is to do with forgiveness in the Christ teachings.


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