Saturday, 7 April 2012

Moshiach Avalanche buries Pakistani troops

Earlier this month we shared about the Moshiach snow that fell on towns in the North of England, [1] now an Avalanche of snow buries 100 Pakistani troops in Kashmir. [2]

In the NT 100 is to do with the spiritual law. What you give comes back to you 30, 60 or 100 fold. It is all part of the law of karma and cause and effect. The snow is also to do with Moses and the prophet that is like him because they have skin like snow on their arm. The prophet of Islam did not have the skin disease and nor did he fulfill the biblical prophecies or timeline.

Kashmir belongs to India not Pakistan. Did you get the message? Leave India alone.

The avalanche struck the base at 06.00 local time and six is to do with the Star of David and Indians also embrace. It happened at 01.00 GMT and that is to do with 'the one' that Jesus promised would come, he told his followers another comforter would come to help them. Teshuvah Pakistan, teshuvah.

This is not your first warning, there was another warning in 2010.



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