Monday, 16 April 2012

Richard Branson's Third VIRGIN Warning

Days after I wrote the post mentioning the Virgin on our other blog, [1] there is another Virgin incident.

1. Branson's Island home burned to the ground just before his daughters wedding.

2. Then we warned the people that it was the 'Time of Derailment' and a Virgin train was derailed.

3. Now a Virgin plane had to make an emergency landing at Gatwick due to a fire in the cabin.

It was flight VS27 and it was bound for Orlando. 15 people were taken to hospital and 14 with suspected fractures. As soon as they landed, the emergency chutes opened up so that passengers could leave the plane quickly. However, it is written that one of the cabin crew panicked.

It was an airbus A330-300 aircraft, 13 crew and 299 passengers on board. [2]

It happened on the 17th of April and that is the 'Day of Purpose'. Indeed, the event does have a divine purpose to get your attention Richard Branson.

Flight 27, 27 is the number of the Sceptre, do you know who holds the sceptre Richard?

13 crew members, 13 is the date of the birth of the one that holds the sceptre. It is also the Hebrew gematria value for the word LOVE and that is to do with the building of New Jerusalem.

33 is the number of creativity and 30 is Hebrew gematria value of the LAMED, in the ancient pictographs it is the shepherds staff.

Time for you to make a large donation to the Virgin who holds the scepter Richard Branson, so that the will of God can be done to build his holy city.



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