Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Elijah's List - Pauline Maria Greater Manchester

We have what is known as Elijah's List, we add people to the list when people show us who they are. 

This is what came out of Pauline Maria, "false prophet", "decievers"  "poisoned arrows", plus a lot more. 

That is exactly the kind of person that Christ warned his followers about. 

So take heed the people of Manchester. The lady says that she is a healer. However, her words show us that she has not healed herself. 

I do have some good contacts in the Manchester area that I have met personally. So if anyone requires a healer in that area, I can certainly recommend people to you if required. 



  1. In response to Pauline and her earlier remarks.

    Elijah is part of my name, it is part of ELIAKIM, of course if you were who you said you were, then you would know that Pauline.

    And I have told you before I only do the will of God, it was the heavenly Father that asked for the Americans to pay $365 not I. I have been instructed by the heavenly Father and have no choice but to deliver his word as instructed. I have no choice in the matter.

    I tried to resign some years ago, and he replied sternly, INCUMBENT.

    I do not send negative energy to anyone. So do seek within yourself.

    The biblical prophecy also stands and it tells the people that they are robbing elohiym. I am elohiym Pauline.

    I have never cursed anyone or anything. So I do not know where you get that from. I simply pass on the biblical prophecies and the words that the LORD God gives me to deliver.

    Indeed the scripture does state that you shall not be forgiven Pauline for what you done and said about the holy one that comes in the name of the LORD.

    However, I will ask the LORD to forgive you, for you are only a child that knows not what they do.

    I was 'rejected' by people to fulfill the biblical prophecy. However, there is much bigger picture that you have no comprehension of Pauline. As the LORD God as said to others before you, 'You will hold your head in shame before him, once the whole truth is revealed to you'.

    You will be knocking on my door Pauline, asking for forgiveness.

    You simply have no comprehension of who you are addressing here and I have been more that patient with you.

    Before you could ever understand my state of being, you would have to have integrated zero-judgement. You have to live in zero-judgement for years before you can be chosen as a vessel to deliver the word of God.

    I became divine love in manifestation on the earth plane prior to being summoned by God to deliver his word.

    Teshuvah Pauline, Teshuvah


  2. Go in peace Pauline, and make peace with the self.