Sunday, 1 April 2012

Prescription Fee 'UNFAIR'

Once again the British government increase the stealth taxes and this time it is on prescription charges. Some people have discovered that it is cheaper to ask the pharmacist if what has been prescribed is available without prescription and have found that what they had been prescribed is cheaper to buy from the pharmacy without the prescription.

The BMA have said the charge is 'UNFAIR' and I agree with them. It is nothing more than another tax.

In addition, other charges have been increased and that includes dental treatment.

It mentions the increase of teeth cleaning costs to 17.50. However, our local dentist charges 45.00 and the last time that I could afford to go I was told that I would have to have two cleans prior to the dentist looking at my teeth. I simply do not have the money to pay for it and nor do many others.

Its criminal when you have paid into the system during your tax-paying years of hard work and then when you cannot work for any health reason, you are then faced with charges that you cannot afford.


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