Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sakurjima Erupting, Japan 18.4.2012

On the 11th of April, God said 'Cherry blossom'. Sometimes referred to as 'Sakura'. This cherry blossom is from Fukushima. Cherry blossom is also associated with the imperial court in Japan. Japan created a 100 yen coin depicting the Cherry blossoms, and 100 is to do with the spiritual law of giving. 

As we know the blossom comes in Springtime and it is always a welcome sight to see the tree outside in full bloom. The pink always reminds me of love, and when the blossom flies off of the trees, it looks just like confetti on the ground. Its always a great joy to see the blossom. 

The above was posted on the New Jerusalem blog. [1]

There has now been two explosive eruptions on Sakurajima volcano on the 18th of April. The 18th of April, is the 'Day of Defence'. 


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