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Beautiful Koala -v- Christian Orthodox

The lovely, beautiful, koalas put on the the danger list as numbers in the wild plunge to fewer than 80,00. Habitat destruction and climate change factors are written to be the cause of the massive fall of 75 per cent since 1993. [2] Their grey and white fur remind me of the spiritual elders that live amongst the trees in nature.

In 1998, my Son and I were blessed to visit some of them in an animal sanctuary in Australia. Truly beautiful creatures. 80 is divided by ten, as such is it related to the spiritual law in the NT. If my memory serves me well, the Koala lives on eucalyptus leaves and that is a medicinal plant for healing.

As such, these lovely little bears are to remind us of the healing qualities of the plants; and how important they are to the health of your being. The bible also mentions the leaves that are for healing the nations.

I once saw myself as a koala bear on the huge chest of the heavenly Father, he was huge, like a giant in comparison to me, he was holding me in his arms like a baby. I was holding on tightly to his shoulders while he was carrying me. The very next day, an email arrived in my in-box from another healer and the email was about the koala bear. I then related my story to her about my divine experience.

I shared the experience with a few close friends, and told them about the beautiful experience of being carried in the arms of God. In 2007, I was informed that on Mount Carmel mountain range in Israel, there is a national park of 25,000 acres of pine, eucalyptus and cypress forest.

It also came to light scientifically, that the Koala bear reject males when they are living in captivity. People might like to ponder upon the implications for that for both the Koala bear, and what is happening to the human species. Captivity impacts on human and sexual behavior, in the same way that financial pressure does as well. These koala bears only indulge in same-sex relationships; when they are not living in the wild of their natural environment.

This shocked Australian scientists at the time. [4] You can understand then that when the people live in freedom, like the Koala bear in the nature of their natural environment, they're heterosexual.

The more oppressed the people become, the more suppressed their natural instincts become, this then impacts on the generations. Hence, Christ said 'that some are made like it by men' for it is the 'way of man', that took humanity into captivity due to man's suppression and oppression. The Vatican, and many members of the Church stand against, what they helped to co-create for the children. Hence, self-healing is imperative to break the never ending cycles. No coincidence then that the same men that co-created that 'oppression and suppression' are like Benedict XVI, 'fragmented' people. [1]

I took a look today, to see if there was anything else on the koala bear. What do you know, there is a Christian orthodox woman stating that the koala bear, the blessed creation of God is 'satan'.

The woman's name is Sue and she had a dream about a beagle and then associated the koala with the beagle that poked its tongue out at her. How she moved from a dog, to a Koala, to satan, can only be to do with her own perception of reality.

As we know dogs are man's best friend, and the dog was poking fun at her, just like children do. This 39 year old Christian American woman has birthed four children, and has ten grandchildren. The beagle was black and brown in her vision in December 2011.

First, the koala bear is not black and brown and nor are they dogs. The dog wasn't real, she says it was a statue. As such, she was told that statues that she looks at are not real. That would make perfect sense, because Christ honored nature in which he lived. Not statures or religious buildings that he predicted would coming tumbling down and burn in the flames in the last days of the end times.

In the same post she accused her husband of being 'satan'. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, this woman Sue from the USA,  also wrote to her children informing them about their dad. [5]How many relationships, and marriages in the USA have been broken due to such women?

Goodness gracious me. Whatever, next. The harm that the Christian orthodox have done to children down the generations is beyond measure. It really is time for them to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds. For being co-creators of the captivity that Jesus Christ warned against. He predicted that those that are in captivity (of one religion) would go into the captivity (of another). Hence, we witness some of the Christian children in the USA, becoming Muslims because the children were not shown how to break the never ending cycles co-created by their ancestors.

Indeed, Sue, judgement did come when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel in 2010. The Queen of the South, ELIAKIM truly did arrive.

Looking back in hindsight, the divine experience of being a koala bear, held in the arms of God, tells us that it is the Spiritual elders that the creator is carrying at this time. For they are the ones that truly know what freedom and liberation is. They truly do know what impacts on the people and how nature provides its signs. Signs of nature, that they understand, in the same way that the Jewish prophets understood them.

The stone beagle did not harm the woman, it did not speak to her, and the keynote of the dog is 'Faithfulness' and 'Protection', its cycle of power is a year-round. The woman wrote that she felt 'intimidated' by the dog. Clearly, she had not healed herself. The more healed a person is, the greater clarity they have in understanding their visions and dreams.

In early Christianity, the dog was a symbol of guardianship, and it was an allegory for a priest. In Greece, it was a companion of the dead e.g. the spiritually dead. As we know, dogs are also great healers, and it takes a lot to break the Spirit of a dog. Their unconditional love is beyond measure, even when humans do not treat them well.

Orthodox Christians have a lot to learn from nature.

On the 21st of October, 2007. I wrote to a friend in the USA,  'A koala bear am I, holding onto God while God carries me to where I must go....God knows the way of every step and all I can do is trust....'

The following April, the comforter arrived in the USA and then the Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground. The heavenly Father and his koala bear had arrived.



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  1. Very interesting views, Nice article, from a fellow koala fan and seeker of truth.:)