Friday, 20 April 2012

Eyeless Shrimp and Mutant Fish

This video is about the eyeless shrimp and mutant fish found in the Gulf. The Seafood deformities have alarmed scientists. Apart from the oil spill that is mentioned in the video, there was also fukishima.

"At the height of the last white shrimp season, in September, one of our friends caught 400 pounds of these," Tracy Kuhns, a commercial fisher from Barataria, La., told Al Jazeera, showing a sample of the eyeless shrimp."

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The scientists also share how the impact on the grandmother has impacted on the grandchild. That also supports the verse in the book of Exodus that the deeds of the fathers impact on the next 3-4 generations.

My grandmother on my mothers side was SOPHIA and she died of heart disease that she had from the age of 14. It was only her will to live that kept her with us until she was 65. However, my heart has been checked and all is fine. All that self-healing was invaluable. How about you?


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