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Russell Brand cracks jokes with the UK select committee and tells the committee that they are like 'Dad's Army' after they invited him to talk to them about drug abuse and its treatment. [1] Dad's Army are certainly out of touch with the youth of today and how to heal the root causes of the core issues. How can they possibly understand when they're not healers? How can they possibly understand if they have not put the effort into break their own never ending cycles?

The ironic and iconic Russell Brand talked to a UK select committee on drug addiction. The requirement for love and compassion. A member of the select committee focused on the ‘power of celebrity’ and their position as role models in this society and culture.
Russell then passed the buck to the media that concentrate on ‘celebrity’ instead of the real issues. In the BBC clip, he did not go so far as to say that the media are responsible for glamorizing the addiction of people. The same media who make them into celebrities and that really has to be addressed due to self-regulation of the media that is simply not working. 
In my humble view, if the media did not focus on the lives of celebrities and their drug addiction while they’re alive, then young people would not be influenced by it, or the celebrities that they look up to.

When I helped a drug taker and his dealer break the never ending cycle of drug abuse, they were given the love and compassion that they required to break the cycle. In the first instance, it was not about abstinance, it was about love, compassion,  healing and zero-judgement.

That came first, and they were given a reiki first degree healing course. Afterwards, both men were celebrating that they were clean. They abstained themselves due to the sheer power of the love, and truth that they had found.

Russell speaks of truth and authenticity, and Reiki is all about truth. After a two-day Reiki healing training course with a reputable teacher, people cannot live in denial of the truth anymore. They cannot deny the love within their own being, they cannot deny the compassion within themselves.

The negativity and darkness falls away, the more healing that they engage in. The member of the select committee asked Brand if he intends to be a ‘role model’ for young people. He told them that the ‘role', and the 'model’ are 'fake' based upon the teachings of an Indian guru. That is ironic coming from Brand, being an actor, and a man that dates models. He also enjoys his celebrity status, although it is becoming apparent that it is a means to an end. Just like Jesus being who he was, was a means to an end.

I remember one of the drug takers that I was able to help, said he learned more from his Reiki Master teacher then he did from Indian gurus. That was no surprise due to the authentic truth that was shared. People have to experience truth to live it, reading it in a book second hand can give people a light of hope to follow. However, to experience being consumed in the light of love is a completely different reality, an experience of love that impacts on the being of the people. Reiki is about taking responsibility for the healing of the self and that requires the acceptance of the help of a teacher that has also healed themselves. The more years the spiritual teacher has behind them,  the greater the power of love and truth. 
A person that has engaged in spirituality for over 30 years, clearly has a lot more to offer, than a person that has only just graduated in one healing modality or discipline.  Reiki is about healing, mind, body and soul. As such, there is a lot for a teacher to integrate before they are ready to impart it to others.
Einstein was correct in his philosophy, that you cannot help a person if you are at the same level as they are at. It takes a higher vibration of love and compassion to raise the people up out of the valley of death and where they are.

Brand is still on his spiritual journey, still seeking inside and out. However, he is right about love and compassion, and I wrote an article about it over a decade ago, and it was titled ‘Compassionate Hearts Can Really Change the World’. He is also correct that drug addiction is a ‘health issue’ not a criminal one.

He is in the process of working on a program with the BBC on drug addiction and it surely is his mission for the Essex boy that made jokes in the select committee. Brand is being authentic, speaking his truth from his heart to help others.

The other good news is that there has been a  miracle for Robin Gibb, he is out of the coma, laughing, joking, asking for ice cream and to come home.

Thank you to everyone that said a prayer for him and or sent a rainbow of hope.

I am sending a copy of this to Ann who set up Knife Crimes in the UK to help the victims of knife crime, as she might like to connect up with Russell Brand and the BBC program. A lot is going on and it is wonderful to have Russell Brand back in the UK, in this land of Joseph.

Love beyond measure 


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