Monday, 2 April 2012


While I was on a bible forum yesterday facing another opponent who was not allowing the truth to be shared with the people. The heavenly Father said 'Tavistock' repeatedly and in an urgent manner. He also said 'Healthy Pages'. [1] Following that I was banned from the forum by the forum owner. I woke up this morning with great sadness in my heart, and I knew that there was going to be an event today and repercussions.

After the post on the 'Tavistock Symbology' had been made on our other blog. I checked into a forum to see if there had been any news. There has been another shooting, this time at a Christian school in OAKland, California. Seven are dead and three are injured. The number seven in the bible is to do with karma and forgiveness, as we know this is the Saturn in Libra transit of the spiritual law. Seven is also to do with the covenant for the children, Joseph the rainbow of hope, it is the life number of the spiritual teacher. In Hebrew gematria it is the ZAYIN, the woman of valor.

The number three is the number that I was discussing with biblewheel because Jesus Christ mentioned the number three in relation to the Sign of Jonah that arrived in Israel in 2010. 2010 was also a three year. 10 people involved altogether and ten is the number of new cycle of time. It is also the number of sephirot.

The OAK is significant because OAK is to do with Abraham and the Alonei Abba woods where the holy gathering took was held in May 2006. Oak is a flower essence and a vibrational medicine for those that overwork. Acorns of love come from the Oak tree, and I was given the acorn of love as a graphic for the Christ Vision video to impart the vision and brief given for the creation of the Love Union. The call went out to the Christians and none responded.

The name of the Pastor that started the school in Oakland ten years ago is KIM, In Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic it is QUM and it means arise, raise. It is the name of the prophet that the LORD God of Abraham promised to send, it is the name on their birth certificate.

After I saw the news about the shooting, I then checked my emails. There was an email from Christians in the USA with the headline, 'The call is going out, will you respond'. They are calling for 100 million willing Christians to bond together, voice your concerns and vote. Then lets get 200 million. Also in the email they mention Obama. 'This year President Obama canceled the 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the ruse of 'not wanting to offend anyone'.
In 2009, the heavenly Father told the Americans that what was taking place in the USA to do with Obama was a 'ruse'. He also told them that they must work with the first nation, hand-in-hand, side by side. After that he told them they must pay $365, he said, $365, a dollar a day, you must pay. Of course his instructions were ignored. Around that time he also told them 'No School, schools out'. While I am writing this he said 'Pesticides'.  
Just checked the news on 'pesticides' and there is an article from the Independent, titled 'Bees and Pesticides, End the denial over Bee poisoning. The wildlife NGOs are similarly in denial. With the honourable exception of Buglife, all have stood by silently as bees, pollinating insects, soil-invertebrates and farmland birds are wiped from the face of Britain's countryside. Painful as it may be for Defra, the ACP and the leading wildlife bodies to admit that they got this wrong, they must call for a complete ban on these poisons now, or we will suffer complete ecological disaster in this country. [3]

The other day on our other blog we wrote a post called the 'Flight of the Bee'. As we know the bee can sting. In the philosophy of Judaism,  it is viewed that if they get stung, it is because they are not doing the will of God. The bee buzzes to give you a warning. However, if you refuse to listen then the sting comes next. As we know there was also an American movie called 'Sting' and a singer/musician with the same name. Robert Redford and Paul Newman were in the film, the film is most well known for its Scott Joplin film score. In the film there is a clip called a 'Game of Jacks' and in 2008, Jesus said that the 'USA is the House that Jack Built'. The game of Jacks is to to with the 'gamblers' that gamble with their own souls due to the denial of the will of God. Americans will keep on getting stung, until they truly get the message and act upon it. 

Sting is also to do with 'middle earth' and it was the weapon used by Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit. Hollywood are bringing out a new Hobbit film this year. Frodo, also had access to the weapon in the Lord of the Rings. Gollum was also afraid of the sting and its power. It was sharp and piercing like a two-edged sword. No surprise then that a sword appears on the front page of the biblegateway 
website. [4]  

As Jesus said those that live by the sword will die by the sword. In other words, those that live by the weapon that can kill, will be killed by that same weapon. There is no greater Christian nation as the USA, that live their lives in the complete opposite way to the way Jesus asked them to live. In many ways, these blessed children that have been taken home. will avoid the trials and tribulations, they have been taken away from the heartache. 

May the children rest in peace and those that are injured recover quickly. 



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  1. The name of the local mayor is Jean QUAN, and that relates to QUAN YIn, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy.

    The police say that the name of the man that carried out the shooting was 'One Goh'. He was 43 years old. In a different news report it states that he was an ex-pupil at the school. However, the college was founded ten years ago.