Saturday, 21 April 2012


On the 19th of April, the LORD said 'Brooklyn' and we shared the case about a dear child that had died there. [1]

Brooklyn is in the news again. This time it is to do with a 'Brooklyn filmmaker and how two actors shot a pair of live deer without a license as part of the movie'.

The Directors name is Ben Dickson, and the film is titled 'First Winter'. The actor, Paul Manza, 34-year old Brooklyn yoga instructor also plays a yoga instructor in the film. It was Paul Manza that pulled the trigger. [2] Just because a person is a yoga teacher doesn't mean that they are spiritually evolved.

Then see how Americans complain about the deer, the bambi that is a defender of the tree of life. [2]

You can tell how civil people are by how they treat the wildlife.

Those that carefully, do not hunt wildlife.

Those that hunt the innocent, will be hunted.



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