Friday, 27 April 2012


On the 29th of February, 2012 I made a post called 'Smelling and Tasting Sickness'. On the 1st of March, 2012. I posted the following in the comment section in response to the post. 

The LORD said 'Dettol please'. That is the name of a disinfectant, although it is a poisonous one. It is believed that one man died of its fumes in 2007. Dettol gets rid of germs and bacteria. However, it can also destroy cells if you let the liquid form get near an open wound. In March 2009, he said 'Killing the germs'.

Choose the right disinfectant and keep everything as clean as you possibly can. Also give your immune systems a booster as well. Plenty of fresh organic carrots and garlic. Best wishes everyone.

Now Breitbart have posted an article titled 'GCB DISINFECTS CHRISTIANITY'. One of the stars of the show, Annie Potts  said ' that the show is designed to 'disinfect' Christianity."  [2] Can you smell it? 

In addition, there is news of a 'Cloud of Depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and the West Coast.' I hope that you do not smell or taste it. Make sure people do some rain tests in your area on a regular basis. Avoid seafood due to the eyeless shrimps and mutant fish. Build fish farms in your communities if you intend to stay in the USA. 



  1. There is no cloud of depleted uranium headed anywhere. There is a skilled video hoaxer/propagandist who has made that claim. Even if there were U-238 (what DU really is) stored at this chemical factory, it was not blown up into the stratosphere into the jet stream. I strongly doubt that DU was even there in any huge quantity. The plant makes resorsinol.

  2. Roger Helbig:

    1) Are you really a former Air Force Lt. Col.? Or a guy who needs counselling?

    2) How many tons of Uranium are you personally responsible for war criming on Iraq and/or Afghanistan?

    3) Have you any idea how ludicrous is your notion of "safe" Depleted Uranium WMD's being "safe"? Why don't you sprinkler several grams into your salad and prove to us how safe your favored weapon really is?

  3. The guy Helbig above is a Pentagon disinformation shill, lying about what DU is. It also contains Neptunium, Americium, Plutonium, U234, U335 and U236. It is both chemically and radiologically deadly. Google Roger Helbig shill and you will find person after person debunking this paid liar.