Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Well we had the post 'LORD GOD -v- OBAMA' that mentioned the temple dog and its image was caught by NASA. [1] and Temple Dog in Irene Storm[2]. Now we have news from Spain that associations in Lerida, are asking for the local council to forbid people taking their dogs on public buses and in public places.

The article tells you that as far as orthodox Muslims are concerned the presence of dogs among them are unclean and that it violates their religious freedom and the right of Islamic believers to live by the Koran.

Now what does that say about Muslims? Unclean, violates.

What are Muslims violating by banning dogs?

Freedom of the LORD God's sacred creation. His temple dog, unconditional love and man's best friend.

In other words they are violating the spiritual law of creation.

Does the Son of God work with the animal healers? Yes.

Do we give healing to animals including dogs? Yes.

Do we receive healing from dogs? Yes.

Do we allow dogs on healing training courses? Yes.

So who is living in the temple of the LORD God? Muslims that support a religion that bans dogs? Or the healers that teach people how to heal dogs?

Who are holy and true? The healers.

In the bible what does the LORD God call for? His healers.

Healing beyond measure





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