Tuesday, 20 September 2011

West VIRGINIA Plane Crash

More vulcanics, and another plane as gone down, this time it is in West VIRGINia, it was a T-28 at an air show. 28 is the number of the LAMB and that came up a lot in the crop circles this season. The location is West and that is the direction of the peace makers, the VIRGIN location is also to do with the one that stands against Obama in the prophecies.

She appears in Rev 12, and in Rev 13, she is called WISDOM to do the count on the 3rd beast.

You may remember the previous posts on the LORD speaking about the Vulcanics, Lotus turning up the heat. Lotus burning down the planes. Also the other day, I posted that I could smell smoke again and that was the day before the boat set alight in Norway. At the time I was writing about the Northern Hemisphere on our other blog.


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