Thursday, 1 September 2011

Eiffel Tower Struck

More Vulcanics and metal energy, an amazing photograph of the 'EIFFEL TOWER' being struck by lightening. A big sign for France. A direct hit! The picture was taken on the 28th of August and that was 'Day of Language'. It was the White House earlier in the year and now the Eiffel Tower.

There was also a Nostradamus prophecy regarding the lightening. C12:52

Two bodies, one head, fields divided in two,
And then to reply to four unheard ones:
Little ones for great ones, clear evel for them,
Lightning at the tower of Aiguesmortes, worse for "Eussouis"

Aiguesmortes means 'Dead Waters' and as we know the Eiffel Tower is close to the River.

Two bodies, one head, fields divided into two could well relate to Israel and the Palestinians applying for a Palestinian state this month. Also today, protestors rose up at the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London when the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra began to play. They are at the start of their European tour and this is their 75th anniversary.

However, I view the word 'Corps' x 2 = military. One chef = one head of the operation and as we all know it gets hot in the kitchen. The French also like their food and chefs. France as been heavily involved in Libya with the USA. Two bodies one head, Obama dividing the fields in two.

Nostradamus mentions four unheard ones and this is a four year. Four is also to do with the four sacred directions.

There was also the Proms in England where people were not allowed to listen due to protestors. The protestors are the little ones that work for the great ones, clear evel for them. The lightening on the tower in France speaks for itself.

It is the word "Enffouis" that appears to be the mystery word in this Nostradamus quatrain.

Sounds like 'envious'. The nearest word to "enffouis" is the verb "enfouir" and it means "to bury". In other words 'worst for those that bury". What do people bury? The Dead.

'Bury' also links with 'Dead Water'. What is known as the dead water? The Dead Sea in Israel. There was also an attack at Beersheba in the last few weeks, that is where the disabled children came from to swim at Ein Gedi, Dead Sea when I was there.

No coincidence that this posted at exactly 13:33 and 333 is to do with wisdom.





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