Thursday, 8 September 2011

Flying Pigs Prophecy

On the 21st of November 2010 we had the post about the Pigs, Scripture and the CIA and included the film 'Animal Farm'. [1]

The 22nd of December, 2010 we made the first post about the flying pigs, messages and visions, a vision of our temple dog was also given at that time[2]. In April 2011, another post was made about the pigs. [3]

We now have Bhutan talking about the 'Flying Pig's' in respect of pigs being given cannabis as food. [4] I made a post regarding the Dragon Kingdom and the pigs, of course all of the drug users rear their heads.

Did you know that it is reported that 40% of Americans are drug users and that does not include prescription drugs? One could say that is a nation on drugs. As we know the pigs in the book and film 'Animal Farm' were the oppressors. Enough murders over drugs and deaths due to it. When children as young as 12 in Greece are introduced to narcotics, and dealers are at the school gates, you know that humanity is in serious trouble. Sodom and Gomorrah did nothing in comparison with what man does today with the nature of his creation, and that includes the scientists.

The fact that most of the cannabis users put themselves before the sanctity of children says it all. Humanity will pay the price for not heeding the words of the LORD. The drug users shout that the creator gave them the cannabis.

They choose not to understand that every land was given trees, plants, vegetables, fruit and flowers for medicinal purposes. Plants indigenous to nations for specific use and vibrational frequencies aligned for the people of that land for healing purposes.

Cannabis is not indigenous to every land and nation. For goodness sake wake up.

In the original vision there were three flying pigs and then one. The third message about pigs was to do with France. The lightening at the Eiffel Tower on the 28th of August, was also to do with France.  Katoucha the first Black African supermodel who was murdered on the river Seine, was also a drug user.

The 4th pig was to do with the message from Bhutan in my humble view.

Its a timing link and timeframe. The ex-King of Bhutan is now coming forward with his 'Gross national happiness' we will do a separate post on that. Even the people of Bhutan are seeking happiness outside of themselves now, instead of seeking within.



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