Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Phones 4U Jesus Ad Banned

This made me smile today, a TV ad from Phones 4U as been banned by the ASA. It is written that it featured Jesus winking and giving the thumbs up. Christians also complained about the ad. [1]

A happy Jesus winking with thumbs up is a great way to portray him, especially as we shared the Zechariah 10 prophecy yesterday regarding the house of Judah and house of Joseph. How this prophecy relates to the Copts and Druze from Egypt, (what was) Assyria and Lebanon. [2]

This is also a 4 year and it is all about U and humanity doing a U turn back to the sacred.

As the LORD God said yesterday 'UREA'. 

Also African Americans are tracking biblically, and one of them as made a video asking for help to find Queen Sophia of England. You might ask what does Queen Sophia have to do with Jesus? The bible tells you that he told Israel that the Queen of the South would come when the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel. The whale turned up in May 2010.

Sophia is all about WISDOM and he said 'Wisdom will be proven right by her actions'. Rev 13 also called for WISDOM to do the count. The soferim.

In the biblical text pertaining to her he told his followers that she would have more wisdom than Solomon. He also called her the paraclete and son of man. Son of Man is a term of endearment for the prophets and the South is the sacred direction of the prophets. Prophet Ezekiel and Daniel were also called Son of Man.

Onwards and upwards


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