Saturday, 24 September 2011

House Fire Six Dead

Six people have died in a house fire in Neasden, North London. Six fire engines were called to the scene. Mother and five children died. Husband and another daughter are in hospital. Neighbours say they heard an explosion, police are not treating the circumstances as suspicious, although I feel that they are.

How is it possible that the rescue services arrived within 4 minutes if they did not know that this bomb was going to go off? 

Reports state that that the family was originally from Palestine and they had rented their home for a few months. Another report states that they have lived in the UK for 13 years. 

It happened just before 

All I can say is who is 'Bassam Kua?' What was he doing in the UK? 

May the mother and children rest in peace. 

May the daughter of Bassam come out of her critical condition and Bassam make a quick recovery. 





  1. There is a mention of a Mr Bassam in this article and it mentions the fire God.

    Mr Bassam found ranged on either side of the central aisle of the temple of Istar at iSTimroud, one of which is now exhibited in the Nimroud central saloon of the British Museum.

  2. Psychiatric problems in the population of the West Bank
    Dr Bassam Al Ashhab, President, Palestinian Psychiatric Association
    Developing clinical liaison between Israeli and Palestinian psychiatrists
    Dr Nathaniel Minton, Florence Nightingale Hospital, London

    This morning on our other blog I wrote about Nathaniel and Florence NIghtingale.