Friday, 9 September 2011

USA Thy shall not murder STEVEN WOODS

The USA justice system is planning to murder this man, Steven Woods on the 13th. An innocent man. Here is some information about the case.

In 2002, Steven Woods was wrongfully convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death by lethal injection for the shooting deaths of a young couple in Denton . He has been in solitary confinement with no phone/computer access or human contact ever since.

There is no physical evidence that ties Steven to the crime scene, and Steven has disproved the court's only physical evidence used against him: The prosecution presented a latex glove that they claimed had his DNA on it.

Knowing this isn't possible, Steven demanded that the glove be tested.

The DNA on the glove did not match Steven's DNA. This glove was stricken from the protocol by the sentencing judge, to ensure that Steven would not use it as exonerating evidence in his appeals.

The prosecution shamelessly lied without basis about Steven's past.  All witness testimonies consisted of hearsay which is inadmissible in court. Witnesses recanted their well-coordinated hearsay testimonies. Some witnesses were paid to testify, others were threatened.

Three months after Steven's wrongful conviction, a man named Marcus Rhodes stood up in court and took full responsibility for knowingly & intentionally murdering both victims.

Both victims' backpacks were found in the Trunk of Rhodes' Mercedes. 

Rhodes' fingerprints were on the weapons, his car was littered with shell casings, the guns were registered under his name and found hidden, under his bed. at his parents' home in Dallas.

Marcus, the murderer got life in prison...
.. While Steven remained on death row.

All of the evidence clearly solidifies that Steven Woods did not kill the two victims.
There is no evidence that points out that Steven anticipated/knew of/conspired these murders in any way, and a lack of motive confirms this.

So why is Steven Woods going to die?

The Texas Law of Parties states that anyone that "may have anticipated" a murder, is just as responsible as the murderer themselves. Application of this law doesn't require any proof. 

Steven was indicted and tried as the shooter.

Later, when Rhodes admitted to shooting both weapons and all fatal shots as well as cutting the victims' throats (never once mentioning Woods in his testimony), the courts acknowledged Rhodes testimony.

Steven appealed his wrongful conviction and the courts stated that Steven still "may have anticipated" that the victims would be shot by Rhodes. There is no proof of this, nor is there any proof that Steven was even at the crime scene.

How could the courts allow the shooter to get away with "life with parole" while letting Steven get executed at the age of 31 based on a theoretical false assumption that the court made on a whim?

The USA calls itself a Christian nation, yet murders innocent men. 

The holy commandment 'Thy shall not murder'. Thy shall not murder Steven Woods. 


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