Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Shame of LIBYA

In March 2011, we shared the post about Libya from Nostradamus [1] and the biblical prophecies about the 4th beast. In that post we mentioned his children. Now it seems that his children have run to Algeria and the other day the LORD God mentioned Algeria. These people must be brought before an international court for crimes against humanity.

It has to be said what kind of people are these that allow a woman to be treated like this? This treatment was inflicted by the Lebanese wife of one of Gadaffi's sons, Hannibal. This child was hidden and then a guard in the compound found her and took her to hospital. Then once it was discovered that she had been taken to hospital, she was retrieved and taken back to Hannibal's home again.

This child from Bangladesh was tortured because the children were crying and she refused to hit the children in her care.

Does a sane woman pour boiling water on a young woman? No. Does a sane woman demand that someone hits her children? No. A sane woman will do everything that she can to stop her child from being harmed. Prophet Isaiah predicted 'Their bows will strike down the young men; they will have no mercy on infants, nor will they look with compassion on children'. Isa 13:18

Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi is the 4th son and his wife is Alin Skaf.

In 2008, Swiss authorities arrested al-Gaddafi and is wife, Aline Skaf, on charges of "bodily harm. threatening behavior and coercion, after an incident involving two of their staff at their hotel in Geneva.
Hannibal was also involved in a lawsuit in Denmark to do with the Danish cartoons. He was also educated there.

In 2009, police were called to Claridge's Hotel in London, where Hannibal and his wife were staying with their children. In the early hours of Christmas morning, the screams of a woman were heard. The suite was locked and three bodyguards refused entry. Alin Skaf a former model, was found in the room bleeding heavily, she was taken to hospital by ambulance where she was treated for facial injuries.

They all require medical treatment and healing. This case as brought shame upon Lebanon, Libya and most of all Islam and its doctrines about beating women and children. Ultimately, those that have been abused, become abusers and this goes back to their childhoods. Hence, why healing and self-development is so very important.

The bible prophecies told muslims to drink and be exposed. It predicted that shame would cover their glory in this timeline. Will the people of Libya have mercy and compassion for those that require medical help? Not likely, as the biblical prophecies predicted those that show no mercy will be shown none.

So what would loving kindness and mercy say now? "Give ear, our God, and hear; open your eyes and see the desolation of the city that bears your name. We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy". Dan 9:18 Remember LORD God you said 'LIVIAH'. [4] can we show them how it is done? Can humanity demonstrate true compassionate action and mercy even for those that have done this?

How will they learn heavenly Father if we do not show them the way?

If these people are murdered for what they have done, what did they learn? Nothing.

It is better to save them, and show Muslims internationally what Islam as co-created.

Men and women that beat women and children, a religion that is not worthy of humanity and the sacredness of the divine child. Only then, can we turn their hearts away from their religion, and towards the LORD God who loves, defends and exalts children.







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