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A few days ago we made a post on 'Her Lotus Feet' with the biblical references. Tonight, the LORD God told me to go to Mark. So I looked at what was available on the ancient book of Mark, it then led me to Science News and this archaeological discovery in the Jordan Valley, where they have found enormous "Foot-Shaped" enclosures.

(Credit: Image courtesy of University of Haifa)

Why the Jordan Valley? The Isaiah prophecies stated that the one to come would come from the Galilee of the Gentiles, the other side of Jordan. Indeed she was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles after her son Jordan was born. Not in the Middle East, in the land of Joseph that is England. The meaning of Galilee is circuit, she was found on the spiritual circuit where spiritual elders were touring together.

As we know the term 'Lotus Feet' is usually associated with India and all the signs are that Abraham came from India. 2,000 years ago a boat load of people also left Israel to return to India.

Its no surprise that two of the sites that were excavated in the years 2002-2005, were under the directorship of a man with the name Dr Ben Yosef. His name relates to Messiah Joseph and the sites that were being excavated. It was during those years that I was being prepared for what was to come to be.

The foundation as been dated to the end of the 13th century BCE, and the Jewish sages know the importance of the number 13 and its gematria value to the one and to love. They have found five structures altogether and the five relates to physical manifestation.

Professor Zertal also spoke of ceremonial encirclement of an area in procession as being an important element of the Near East. He also mentions how the Hebrew term for festival is from the verb 'hug' which means 'encircle'. No surprise then that when these Lotus Feet were sent to Israel, to call the gathering on the holy hill, that our ceremony was carried out in a circle and there were lots of loving hugs. [1]

There is also an ancient text that was found in Egypt and the song is called 'Dance of the Lord' and in the text, Christ is encircled by the Apostles and they dance. The dancing playfulness of the Lotus Feet. [2]

I remember when the LORD said 'There is a man that plays the sitar for you'.

There have simply been so many signs for the world to see. After the LORD spoke about Mark, a large translucent blue Hebrew letter Chet appeared on the bathroom window and then I saw the double rainbow again. [3] In the ancient pictographs the chet was a tent wall to defend the people from the elements of the environment.

 'Do not humble yourself to one who is not your equal'. 4Q416 DSS, was also given to me at this time.

Love beyond measure

May my peace be with you.


Lotus Feet




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  1. News is that Blair is 'godfather' to one of Murdochs children. Baptism of children took place and it is written that he wore a white robe for ceremony.

    Two of the female children were baptized on what they call the banks of Jordan.