Monday, 5 September 2011


After sharing the information regarding Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the lightening strike and the Nostradamus prophecy relating to it. [1] It was pointed out that the lightening was actually behind the tower itself. The prophecy mentioned the 'dead water' in its meaning so it was divine providence to continue.

I then looked at the deaths that had happened on the river Seine and there have been many. This post is really to honor the work of the supermodel Katoucha Niane, she gave up modeling to become an activist. She was murdered in February 2008 on the river Seine where she lived on a houseboat. As you can see from the video there was also building works going on there at the time, so there were clearly people that knew of her comings and goings.

This African woman was circumicised at the age of 9 years old. Hence, why she was so compassionate about her mission. She wrote a book about it in 2007. Above is the front cover, within a year of her publishing the book, she was murdered. However, I can assure you that she cannot be silenced.

I remember in 1999, when my 15 year old son suddenly said 'Spiritual people will become the next supermodels'. That doesn't sound so grand now does it.

Even though she is no longer here with her family in an earthly sense, she is certainly with them in a heavenly sense. You see, you just can't keep a good woman down, she is more powerful now and can reach many more people with her message from her abode of heavenly lights. Her love was not in vain and nor shall it ever be so.

I can smell a French perfume as I write this, so I know that she is here.

Love to her family and friends.

"Love of life, love of life" Katoucha

Being shown the information on the Seine then led to Katoucha, the nearest metro to the Eiffel Tower,  is called Bir HaKeim.

That then took me to Egypt and Libya because HaKeim as the same meaning as HaKim the name of the Egyptian Arab Druze prophet from Cairo, HaKim also means WISE,  so I knew that the message was important.

There was also a battle called 'Bir HaKeim' and it was to do with Libya. It is written that the French were defending Libya against German and Italian forces during WW2.  After the British joined the French the battle was over. The never ending cycles with another war in Libya.

As we know the rich and famous in Libya, did like their super models and celebrities. There are also many well known model agencies in many parts of the world. London, Paris and Milan were just a few of the locations that castings are called from.

This is certainly a message to choose your friends wisely, as many are finding out.

It is also a tribute to honor Katoucha Niane, a very beautiful black woman, mind, body, heart and soul. Most famous for her work for Yves Saint Laurent. Prophet Isaiah was correct, in this timeline, the earth will not contain the slain any longer. All will be revealed, and those that did good work will be honored and exalted accordingly. Katoucha, a tribute to a saint for the work that she did during her life on planet earth. Her book should be published internationally, and in every language possible.



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