Wednesday, 1 June 2011

1st JUNE SOLAR ECLIPSE What does it have to offer you?

On our other blog we have featured activities that are going on around the world on this eclipse. Here we share with you a video that can give you some indications of how this new moon and partial solar eclipse can impact on your life.

The GEM_IN_I, the gemini is my moon sign and it is bound to be a very 'emotive time' responding to the emotions of others. In this reality that began a few days ago in discussion with Australians and the so-call peace makers. You might also like to read more information on our blog regarding our view of what we have called the 'Down the Nose Eclipse'. The 'HOUR GLASS' post also relates to this eclipse as well.

Be aware, be responsible and take action. Gemini is very much a sign of action and never stands still on the spot, they are always on the move. There are many facets to the gemini that few understand them and why they do what they do. Gemini is an air sign, and they get on best with Aquarians, this being the Age of Aquarius is a good time for them. Its a time when they can really make an impact with their communication in more ways than one. Gemini have photographic brains so there is bound to be some good videos of this eclipse. They think fast and are usually ahead of everyone else, they have butterfly brains and people find it hard to keep up with them and their flitting from subject to subject.

Earth signs particularly will be suffering now, due to how fixed they are. They're so entrenched in the earth you would think they have been buried alive. The orthodox are symbolic of earth signs especially the Capricorn. They don't usually come to their senses until there in there 50's due to the the trait of negative thought patterns that they are born with. Capricorns have more healing to do then any other star sign in my experience. The Earth signs that have not healed themselves will have a really hard time coping with what is going down on the planet now with the earth shifts. Its like the rug as been pulled from under their feet and have no idea what's happening.

The best of the fire signs will utilize the energies to capitalize on the opportunities. The water signs that have not healed themselves will be doing a lot of crying and praying. The best of the air signs will ride the crest of the wave and go to where it is leading them. In my humble view, the air signs make the best leaders because they are the best philosophers, and Plato admitted that philosophers make the best leaders.

Love beyond measure


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