Monday, 27 June 2011

Philosophers Seek Within

Following on from the "Sand and Rock' and 'Canned Heat' posts. A forum poster wrote that even a philosopher would not understand what we have written. 

Our response:

Very few philosophers understand spiritual alchemy, because most philosophers concentrated on seeking outside of themselves instead of within. Only those that have the courage and humility to seek within are given the right key. The bible also tells you that there is only one that holds the Key of David and that is ELIAKIM. 

Pull out the cans and then watch the pyramid collapse. The machine of the USA is ready, now watch it turn into an apple crumble. Do you like cream, custard or ice cream? 

In 2007, I was sent to an American forum to help them, to those that put in the effort and integrated what we shared, all kudos to them. They are well equipped in the LORD's HESED now, to help others with this historic transition that humanity now face. 

May God bless them all with blessings in abundance. 


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