Thursday, 30 June 2011

66 Bible Books Materialists

Well biblical scholars know that 22 books were removed from the cannon in Version 3.

So why the number 66? It relates to Obama because he is the man 666.

6+6 = 12 = The Victim = Church.

US Route 66, 66 is double discrimination due to attachment to materialism, Materialism that co-creates destruction due to spiritual law of cause and effect. No surprise then that Church reduced the number of the books of the bible from 88 to 66. 66 is also the number of the rich and wealthy, the materialists. The number speaks of Venetian a follower of Jezebel (USA) mentioned in Rev 2. It also speaks of goddess Kali and he had a friend with that avatar as well. The number is also to do with the military and the high ranks within it. [1]

Where did the military in the USA get their remote viewers? Jezebel who lived in Camelot. 

As the bible predicted the wise men of Edom from the land of ESAU would sell their inheritance for a dinner. How many Obama dinners have the Americans eaten? Remember this those that supported Obama are not written in the lambs book of life. 

When I told them that Isis wasn't Divine Mother of Egypt they blew a gasket. People in the USA have invested their whole lives in belief systems that have impacted on human consciousness and the detriment thereof.

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