Monday, 27 June 2011


An American Christian that goes under the name "Low Six" on the internet as been like other orthodox Christians that have stood against this reality. When they stand against the one, that the LORD God sent to help them, they also stand against the one that sent me to help them. 

Low Six also asked me about my left hand and this was our response: 

I pondered on your question regarding my left hand. When healing people hands on. I tend to use my left hand for scanning the people; due to the sensitivity of this left hand to the energy of the people. 

Do you have a hand Low Six that is more sensitive to energy than the other? Have you taught babies how to feel energy? Did you show them how to feel the energy of plants and trees? 

Did a child click their fingers of their hand like clicking a lighter then say "Look, Low Six, I have the power in my hands?". 

A few years later that same child that I taught to feel the energy when he was 2.5 years old, was growing his own food for his family. I also showed the boys how to bless and heal water. 

Can you say the same Low Six? Did you help the children to understand energy? Did you help to empower the children in this way? 

Did you truly do the will of God Low Six? Did you heal the self? 

The left hand is also to do with past life, and the biblical prophecies predicted that once again, they will come under the hand of health and healing in this timeline. 



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