Wednesday, 22 June 2011


In the crop circles today the MAYIM came up and the meaning of MAYIM is water. The water is mentioned in Isaiah 12.

"With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation". There is an Israeli group called Mayim, and it is written that their song, is due to Israel drawing water out of the desert.

However, the mem is more than water in a physical sense, water is symbolic of the divine feminine. Hence, why Moses was drawn out of water. Water is related to WISDOM. Hence, why one collects pearls of wisdom on the way home to the LORD. To the Jewish mystics the mem is the fountain of wisdom. However, the Rabbi's connect it with the Torah and in my divine experience the pearls that I received came directly from the divine.

The root of the word salvation in the above verse; is YASHA and it means "to save", "to deliver". So where are the people being delivered to? To the arms of the heavenly Father. Once you have arrived home, then the work of the Son of God is completed. Hence, why the scripture asks you to stay true to him until the end. The end is the completion of the sacred journey home to the LORD God.

In my divine experience, the Son of God helps you with your return to all that is sacred, when you allow him to show you the right way. Unfortunately, most Christians live in such attachment to their church, bibles and earthly realities; that he cannot lead them anywhere.

As Prophet Jeremiah predicted they do not recognize the signs or the seasons. That applies to most religious people. He will always lead the people to the holy healing path, the highway to holiness because he was and is passionate about healing, and those that help others to heal. Hence, why the healers are called his brothers and sisters in the bible. The Angels of Elohim are the harvesters in the last days of the end times.

Salvation was the mystics prescription for self-preservation, that is why the meaning of life is to work out the meaning of life. In some of the biblical texts the word 'salvation' is spelt differently in Hebrew. Eight times in the bible it is written TESHUVAH and it means 'RETURN'.

So what is the RETURN about? It is about returning to your soul to redeem it, to heal it and once the soul consciousness is purified of memories that weigh down the light body, the soul can ascend to become one with the Spirit.

It is about returning to the sacred, and all that is holy, by returning to your original goodness before you allowed human life to bend you out of shape. In scripture, the Son of God said that if a person does not shine then there is darkness. In other, words that person as healing work to do within.

The root of the word shalom is also 'be whole', it is to do with wholeness and completion. I looked at what Hebrew teachers were telling people about this wholeness, they truly do not understand the concept of wholeness and its opposite that is fragmentation. They do not understand how a person becomes fragmented, as such they do not understand wholeness either. The teaching of wholeness is actually shamanic, and that is no surprise due to many of the teachings in Judaism coming from the desert Hebrews.

The Son of God as described in the biblical texts, was a shamanic healer of the highest level. Hence, why he could help people to remove their demons by giving them healing. For instance love heals fear, forgiveness heals anger. However, first you have to know where the root of the fear and unforgiveness comes from. With some it will be their childhood, it can be past life memories carried over, and can also be to do with fragmentation due to shock, accidents, operations, or violence in thought, word and deed.

The energetic light body of consciousness is very sensitive for divine purpose, and it can easily flip out. The Rabbi's knew that the one to come in this timeline; would explain 'Teshuvah' and we do have a lot to share; on the healing processes that are in the texts,  that which goes straight over the heads of the biblical scholars because they are not healers.

How can a person show you how to return, if they have not returned themselves? They cannot, That is why the priesthood of the Church and its members are redundant. The same with the Rabbi's. The Son of God knew this day would come, that is why he was specific, "Do not call me Rabbi". The NT also repeats the OT, the old heaven and earth will pass away in this timeline.

While I was in Israel 2007, the LORD God said 'You are the cosmic hoover'. Now I am laughing due to the play on words with HUVAH.


"The world is your oyster and you are a pearl of wisdom sitting inside a shell of love"

"Faith, hope and charity ithe way forward. Salvation is the road. When one walks with me across the new yonder. Blessed BE. Sodality stream of love"

"If one can achieve peace of mind, then enlightenment springs from the well of peace."

The verse of the day, to day is "A song of Ascents" Psalm 121.

"The LORD watches over you, the LORD is the shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day or the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm. He will watch over your life: the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore".



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