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On our other blog we have spoken of the denial of the people. So it is appropriate that we review this aspect in the NT on this blog. In the legend of Jesus, Jesus predicted Peter's denial and the falling away.
The name Peter is the Latin form of the Greek word PETROS and it means 'Stone or Rock'. In Mark 14, it is written "You will fall away," Jesus told them, "for it is written: "I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered".

Now in the Dead Sea Scrolls it is the Last Priest that comes in the last days of the end the times that strikes Ephraim. Ephraim is symbolic of Christianity. The word 'scattered' is an interesting word, because it relates to the energy of the people. Being 'scattered' is an energetic state of being.

In Genesis the people are 'scattered' over the earth, in other words, earthly realities. The book of numbers speaks of people being scattered due to them being the enemies of God. In other words they have not returned to the sacred within themselves, and in so doing to God.

In Psalm 18, "He shot his arrows and scattered the enemy, with great bolts of lightening he routed them".
Psalm 68 speaks of the kings being scattered in the land, it was like snow. In other words, like snowflakes that become snow = cold. Psalm 92, evildoers are scattered.

Prophet Isaiah chapter 11, speaks of the scattered people in JUDAH and Judah means praise. In other words, those that continually praise the LORD have scattered energy. He brings them from the four quarters of the earth and this is a four year. In other words, the people with scattered energy live in earthly realities instead of the heavenly realms. e.g. those involved in religions are part of those earthly realities.

In Lamentations, 4.6, the LORD himself scatters them, the priests are shown no honor and the elders no favor. In Ezekiel 11, he brings back the scattered to the land of Israel and Israel means 'struggle with god'. In some texts Jacob struggled with an angel and some might consider this struggle being with the Angel within. It is the battle between the human self and divine self, between the earthly realities and divine realties. The most influential text on this struggle is the Hindu Gita.

Zechariah then speaks of the people being scattered to the four winds of heaven. In other words, they are given a direction of the wind and a heavenly path to follow. It means that those that were scattered are divided and each given their path to follow.

The Shepherd Struck and the Sheep Scattered is a heading in Zechariah 13 and it is to do with the removal of those that call themselves prophets when they are not. Jezebel (USA) being one of those mentioned in the book of Revelation. In the book of Revelation her children were struck spiritually dead, their Guru Ma as she liked to be called died a few years ago.

Zechariah 13, warns the people not to strike the shepherd that is close to the LORD because if they do the people will suffer the consequences.

In the prophecy it speaks of two thirds of the people being struck down and perishing and one third being left. The third that the LORD chooses, he refines them like silver and tests them like gold and that is to do with the purification and the initiations on the rite of passage home to God. It is about the spiritual alchemy that is also mentioned by prophet Malachi. Who carries out the spiritual alchemy with the Levites in the book of Malachi? The prophet that was sent to Israel to help them in the last days of the end times.

In this prophecy, it is only those that have been purified that survive what is coming upon the earth. However, is the prophecy stating that it is two thirds of those that struck the shepherd or does it relate to humanity as a whole?

It states "On that day a fountain will be opened to the House of David, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to cleanse them of their impurity. David means beloved. "On that day, I will banish the idols from their land, and they will be remembered no more." What did Christians do? They made Jesus Christ into an idol. Then we have a key to the prophecy the fountain.

The Psalms speak of a 'Fountain of Life'; in your light we see light'. Proverb 10, 'The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence'. Proverb 13, 'The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, turning a person from the snares of death'. Who can turn a person from the snares of death? A righteous healer and teacher of righteousness. Its otherwise called, removing a person from the 'valley of death' and we did do this with the house of David in 2010.

Proverb 18:4, the words of the mouth are deep waters, but the 'fountain of wisdom' is a rushing stream. The NT predicted that the Queen of the South would come and she would have more wisdom than Solomon. The word wise is also the root of the word wisdom and in Greek wisdom is SOPHIA.

Now if we return to the gospel of Mark, it is written that Jesus wrote, 'But after I have risen, I will go ahead of you into Galilee'. He then mentions the 'rooster that crows twice' and I do know an American man that was born in the Chinese sign of the rooster. I have also done two conference calls for him. However, after each conference call I had a dreadful feeling of doom that is now manifesting in the USA. At the end of last year, I advised the people that I cannot grieve for you anymore, I cannot cry for you anymore.

The word galilee means circuit and prophet Isaiah predicted that the prophet promised to Moses would be found in the 'Galilee of the Gentiles' and in the prophecies this is also the land of Joseph that is England.

Prophet Jeremiah wished that his head was a spring of water and his eyes a fountain of tears. Prophet Joel made predictions about the last days and he predicted that a fountain would come and that it would flow out of the LORD's house. He said it would water the valley of acacias and the acacias shrub as thorns.

What is water to do with? The feminine. The acacias is a medicinal plant. Where was the fountain found? Amongst the healers on the exhibition circuit of the gentiles. The acacias species is the fastest growing plant and is extremely difficult to eradicate. There as been no greater time than this for the healers of this planet. The acacias plant provides 'pods' to help the people in a medicinal way.

Clearly, the story about Jesus Christ in the gospels does not match the Jewish prophecies. Hence, why it is written  'You will fall away'.


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