Monday, 13 June 2011


MONDAY, 13 JUNE 2011


The people from Tower Hamlets speak out in this video called 'The most unequal place in Britain'. While millions were spent building the Millennium Dome, and now the Olympic Stadiums for 2012, the people and children of Tower Hamlets suffer. It is the highest child poverty in London, youth without youth clubs, that now cannot afford university education either.

Historically, it was the Church, and local community groups that provided facilities for youth clubs, many of the churches that existed in the borough have been converted into mosques. The more the indigenous population was driven out of Tower Hamlets by immigration, the greater the poverty rose.

However, it is important to note; that the financial advisors are still given their million pound bonuses to spend how they wish. The government can always find money to pay for wars like the ones in Iraq, Libya and Afganistan.

The people are not happy with you Cameron and Clegg or the government that came before you.

How can multi-millionaires understand poverty when they have never experienced it? They can't, as such they have no idea what they're co-creating. What a pretty sight it will be in 2012, to have the Olympics in the borough of poverty, while the superstars sing their songs and wave their banners.

How the wealthy will be sitting in their Olympic seats while children suffer around the corner.

An extreme contrast will be experienced by those that have the courage; to explore the borough and meet some of its people. While international superstars are winning their medals, the power of duality cannot be missed in the borough of Tower Hamlets.

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