Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Abba said 'Lotus turns up the heat, the Planes are Burning Down'. 

So what do we have on planes?

'Plane aerobats burnt in fiery crash', you are not meant to be risking your lives. When you fly planes and do aerobatics you are playing russian roulette. [1]Don't do it. He told you not to race cars as well. See the 12/8ths prophecy on how you sign your own death warrants.

Did you also see this? "Touchdown Jesus' burns after lightening strikes.' The figure of Jesus in OHIO was engulfed in flames. It had stood there since 2004, now that is a very interesting date in this reality. 2004, was the second Harmonic Concordance when we were sent to 'England's Nazareth' to do the will of God. That was the day on the 1st of October that we received a very powerful message from God  to deliver to the people.

This is old news from June 2010, but worthy of being shared.

If that isn't a huge message and sign for Christian America,  I don't know what is. The bible predicted that the the Christians covenant with death would be annulled in this timeline. It also tells the Muslims to drink and be exposed. When the Paraclete flew into the USA, at the end of April 2008, the Prince of Peace Church in Philadelphia also burnt to the ground. The USA is the land of ESAU and prophet Obadiah predicted that it would become stubble. The prophecies predicted that it is only the seed of JOSEPH that can help the USA in this timeline. Why is that? JOSEPH is the one that delivers the seed. 

In 2010, 5 million trees also burned down on Mount Carmel, Israel, the mount of the prophet. The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled as a testimony to JOSEPH. 

In 2008, the Son of God said ‘The USA is the house that Jack built’ and Abba, his heavenly Father promised you all that the old heaven and earth will pass away’. However, the Son told you his words would never pass away[2] and that the Queen of the South (prophets) would come to judge this generation. 

Now it seems that the USA is burning again. Keep your eyes on the planes and plains. My son just arrived home and it seems the police have gone after him this night on the partial solar eclipse. He was on his way home from work minding his own business. 

They did a stop and search and that is against the United Nations privacy laws. The British police force were warned about it by the Home Office of the last government, but the police force take no notice.  Its time to bring the police force to accountability, and sack the police that transgress the UN Privacy laws. The innocent are being oppressed by the police force in every nation. Sack the heads of the police forces that cannot keep their force in check. Sack every policeman that does a stop and search of innocent people without just cause. We require human rights lawyers; to defend the people and sue the government e.g. local councils that paying for this transgression. Bring pressure to bear on the police force for transgressing UN law, that was put in place to defend the privacy of the people. 

Enough is enough!

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