Monday, 27 June 2011

Canned Heat

Well he said 'CANNED HEAT' while we were writing the post on the 'sand and the rock'. 

So what do with have on canned heat? 

Canned Heat: Slang term for Sterno, a commercial jellied alcohol used to heat food, typically placed beneath metal pans on a banquet or buffet line. Strained through cloth (or sometimes even white bread), it can be drunk to get intoxicated. Early Mississippi Delta bluesman Tommy Johnson is said to have drank "canned heat," and wrote his song "Canned Heat Blues" about the nasty stuff. The 1960s blues-rock band Canned Heat took their name from the Tommy Johnson song. [1]

He also gave the feature film TOMMY in the past to help the Christians to understand. 

So what did the Church serve up to the people? Canned Heat. The Christians also removed the natives from their natural environment and put them in tin shacks. Tin shacks that were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. When I was in the Dominican Republic, two decades ago. It was filled with tin shacks and children with no shoes on their feet. The poverty of the third world, was experienced first hand, the result of Christian earthly intervention in the natural scheme of the environment and its people. 
Today, scientists and politicians still intervene and think that they can control nature and the environment, every time they do so, it backfires on them. 

You could say that they took the heat of the love of the people, and canned it, making sure that the people would become metal cans instead instead of remaining sea shells for healing the people. 

The Church canned his love and made it into a product that could be sold. As we told you all, our love is not for sale. Many religious and spiritual leaders did the same and that is why he would like you to understand canned heat. 

The product that the Church co-created as fallen off the shelf, because like all religions they have passed their sell by date. All products co-created by man have a life cycle and in 2007, the 9,000 year cycle of religion controlling and dominating humanity, came to the beginning of the end, on the 9th of September 2007. 999 was pre-ordained for the children as promised. 

As the LORD God said 'To HE that understands the promise. There is no secret'.


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