Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Greek Survival

It brings no joy to my heart to see violent scenes in Athens again. However, I have been told twice that the cities will be destroyed and that we must not rebuild them. I was told that we will build new ecological, self-sustainable cities. 

When I was sent to Greece in March 2010 by the LORD God, it was hard to see Greece in that state that it was in. It had changed so much in the last 30 years, almost beyond recognition. Greece is at war for the survival of its nation and its people's right to exist as a sovereign nation. When the news broke that China was involved in buying the European debt I was not surprised at all. Oh, the webs they weave. 

This is war for Greece if China takes over the debt.

Islam as been after Greece since its inception.

Did you know that Istanbul once belonged to Ancient Greece? A forum poster stated that land does not belong to anyone. We pointed out they were correct. However, the people are guardians of the land of which they are born and it is the guardians responsibility to take care of that which is given by the LORD God. This is the time of salvation, and salvation is about reclamation, reclaiming and redeeming the original state of the natural estate.

The Muslims have been chipping away at Greece for a long time. In Greece last year, there were Chinese containers everywhere, Arabs and Chinese in deals to build mega ports on the larger Islands, long gone are the days when the Greek fishermen would not even allow cars on their Islands. In 2010, Turkey was claiming some of the Greek Islands belong to them. The Turks already have part of Cyprus.

All the street vendors are oriental, and you can guess who their slave masters are. They were not Greeks. Child labour was all oriental and when I asked the restaurant owners where they were from, I was told China. I asked how and why? I was told that the Greek government had done a deal with China and the influx came under the proviso that the infrastructure had to built for the Olympics. The same happened in Sydney with the immigrants from Asia Pacifica. And in England for 2012, we were told that our people are not prepared to do the jobs. In January, the British police force said to me that our people are not willing to work. That simply is not true, shame on the police. Christ predicted that when I came I would be ashamed of this generation.

In the last world war the Turks took Greek children and they still have not been returned.

When Greece entered the EU tourism dropped by 50% as such their income had already dropped by 50% prior to the banking fiasco with Goldman Sachs. This could end up in civil war because the Greeks are not going to stand by and let the Arab-Turk Islamic-Chinese alliance take over their country.

While I was there I also met an Iraq and Palestinian who come via Turkey as illegal immigrants and one of them told me he was waiting for a new identity and EU passport. This is about survival for Greece, and the humanitarian crisis there is growing by the day due to illegal immigrants.

The military will have to move quickly and throw China and the rest of the bankers out. Default on the loan, let them all go run and jump. Block all incoming shipments from China and anything else you fancy blocking. The sooner the military take hold of the matter,  the better, deport all the immigrants back to whence they came. Kick out the bankers and bring some peace and serenity back to the land.

1. Greece can invoice every Islamic government, 1,000 euro a week for every single illegal immigrant. Islamic governments can now pay for not sharing their wealth with the people.

2. You can do the same with China.

3. All 3rd world debt must be wiped off. We will not tell you again, this is the last warning.

As the LORD God said in 2007,
'Let my people go'. 

The LORD God stands with the oppressed not the oppressors and illegal immigrants who are oppressing the people of sovereign nations.

Last but not least, all those that had a role in getting Greece in the position that it is in, can be brought before trial for crimes against humanity. That includes Goldman Sachs and the Greek government.

You can count every immigrant illegal, if the people of the residing nation do not give their permission for the people to be invited to their country.

When I was considering moving to Italy, the first thing I did was ask the men in the local town and village if I would be welcome by them. It is good manners to ask if it is OK, to ensure that a person from another country is not an imposition on the people. It's even better if you are personally invited, like I was invited to live in Israel and Africa by the people.

If people are not welcomed by the people, then governments are causing pressure pots that explode into civil wars and that is a crime against humanity. People are not lobsters to be cooked until they scream from the boiling heart and explode.

Patience is running very thin indeed. 


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