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Violent Men Matthew 8 - Soul Retrieval

Asked to post this on this blog. There is a legend in the NT that Jesus met two men that were violent and in biblical times, any man that was violent and would not let people pass, was considered to be demon-possessed. We have already covered the appointed time aspect on our other blog, in this post we are going to include a different aspect.

Some distance from the two men there was a large herd of pigs feeding. Apparently, the demons begged Jesus, 'If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs". He then told them to 'Go'. So the so-called demons came out and went into the pigs. Then the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including  what happened to the demon-possessed men.

1. Violent men have root causes of core issues to heal. Usually due to their childhood, violence experienced in childhood. The saying is true, violence begets violence. It is that violence that co-creates what they called in biblical times as demon-possession. If you have ever seen a person turn dark in front of you what you are seeing is what they hold inside of them.

2. The two violent men would not allow others to pass by them. In other words it was about 'control'
e.g. macho men trying to prove their manhood. Hence, there could also be violent sexual issues involved with the two men that Jesus met.

3. Violence in childhood can relate to violence between children, e.g. street fighting. Or it can relate to parental violence against children. Hence, why inner child healing work is imperative in the healing process.

4. When a child suffers any violence in childhood it also experiences soul loss, as such what Jesus Christ was doing with these men was soul retrieval. He was retrieving their souls by removing the root causes of the core issues. Root causes can manifest energetically in different ways. Hence why he was able to remove the energetic blockages from their bodies of the men and move it someplace else.

5. In soul retrieval healing work it is sometimes the case that we have to negotiate with the negative energy to leave the body. That is what he was doing, the energy decided it would like to go and be with the pigs.

6. What is a bit far-fetched is that the pigs would do what is written in this text. Jesus like Paul knew that their words and actions would not all be relayed exactly as it happened.  They predicted it in advance.
However, let us work on the premise that what the text says is true in the way that it is written.

7. The pigs rushed down a steep bank into the lake of water and died. In other words, the animals went into the bank, then into the lake of water and drowned due to the weight of the energetic emotion that had been passed on to them. Now would Jesus Christ really inflict such on any animal? I say no, he wouldn't do that. He would transform the energy with love like all healers do.

8. All people that have been to war or been involved in the military, require soul retrieval. All have experienced some soul loss. The soul consciousness is fragile, it fragments energetically,  and leaves the body during the experience of any violence or serious accidents. The energy of a person can also flip out due to a serious car accident. As was the case with an Australian police officer that I worked with. Fragmentation is the complete opposite to wholeness and the root of the word shalom is 'Be whole'.

9. The fact that it was two men together, also tells you the other part of the story. Often violent men stick to get together for more reasons than one.


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