Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Mother of the WORD Kibeho

This film about Rwanda looks like a wonderful documentary film. How genocide could have been avoided if they had listened.

The children of Rwanda were given visions and a divine message in advance and the woman that appeared before them called herself the
‘Mother of the WORD’. I find that fascinating as our work is with the word in the spiritual alchemy and healing methodology. In 2005, while we were developing the new spiritual psychology website, the LORD also thundered to me on waking ‘In the beginning was the WORD’ . It was then that I came to a major realization about all of the work with the word that I had been involved in. Not in a biblical sense, but in my life and spiritual work that came before the biblical prophecies and revealing them became important. A friend born in South Africa once described it as ‘Alchemy of the Word’.

This documentary speaks of a miraculous apparition.

“A terrifying prophecy. God sent a messenger to Kibeho, Rwanda to warn about the genocide, but few heeded the warning. Immaculée Ilibagiza knows the story all too well. Nearly her entire family was killed during the genocide, and she survived by hiding in a bathroom with seven other women for three months. Her faith, inspired by the heavenly messages of Kibeho, kept her alive.

Join Immaculée as she returns to Rwanda with filmmaker Sean Bloomfield, uncovering the secrets of Kibeho and reconciling with her painful past. Buried beneath the bones of a million victims, a story of hope and love emerges, and Immaculée reveals that the message of Kibeho is not just for Rwanda, but for the entire world.”

I have noticed in the video that it talks about asking people to pray, they also mention conversion. 

In my extensive divine experience. The Son of God never asked me to pray, not did the holy mother. 

They never asked for conversion to any religion. The divine is far beyond religion and its religious doctrines. Those that have been truly liberated are far beyond the Church. 

The original meaning of Church meant community. A spiritual community where people live, share and care like the Essenes. ecological, self-sustainable. That is why in the book of Revelation, there is no place of public worship in New Jerusalem, no temples for worship. 

The NT testament tells the people that if you wish to pray then do so behind closed doors in secret and then the heavenly Father will hear you. 

The children received many visions of what was going to happen in Rwanda. However, like the Fatima apparitions in Portugal; that have now been found by researchers not to be the holy mother that appeared before them. Each and every case must be examined on its own merit and the truth can be found in the WORD. 

I am sure that the children received those visions of warning due to this being the last days of the end times when the LORD God would pour out his Spirit as predicted in Joel 2. 

However, does the Son or his Mother ever use words like repent? No, not in my experience. Repent is a word of the Church that was mistranslated. The original word in Hebrew is TESHUVAH and it means RETURN, to return to the sacred and all that is divine. 

In the same way the divine never ask people to 'convert' to any religion. The divine are far beyond religious doctrines and rites introduced by men. Does the holy mother cry? Yes. She came to me crying just before the Iraq war began. When I saw her crying I knew that the war was about to begin. 

However, she also delivered words of hope as well and she said 'There is a new dawn on the horizon, out of the darkness will come the light'. Her Son came with her and they spoke together. 

The children received an interesting prophecy from our Lady, 'Faith will come, and unbelief unseen'. Faith is to do with the Harp of Faithfulness mentioned in Psalm 92. The lady that the LORD promised to plant in Jezreel, Prophet Hosea delivered the message that the LORD would betroth them to him in his righteousness and faithfulness. 

The unbelief mentioned in the Kibeho prophecy is to do with the Church, their own unbelief is unseen. 

Do people have to suffer to enter heaven? No. However, suffering brings forth humility, compassion and mercy for others.  The humble heart and when the people are in humble in heart like a child, then they can enter the gates of heaven within. In the words that they received in Kibeho it mentions that suffering is necessary to enter heaven. 

I remember a time in my life when I was a young, I was about 20 years of age and enjoying a high flying career. A spiritual lady gave me a divine message and told me of my suffering to come. She told me it was necessary to bring forth the compassion and mercy for those that the LORD would bring to me for help. In other words my own suffering, was so that I would and could understand the suffering of others. For if you have not suffered, how could you possibly ever understand those that have? 

However, is it essential for humanity to always suffer? No, not if they live sacred lives and heal themselves. Prophet Isaiah also predicted that the day will come now when people will live for 120 years and that will be considered to be normal. Just like they did in ancient times when they lived healthy lifestyles; in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law and the planet.

Love beyond measure and blessings in abundance


  1. I think you should read the book "Our Lady of Kibeho" by Immaculee Ilibagiza first. You would see that Our Lady never asked for the conversion to any religion, but a conversion of the heart. This was specifically addressed when non-Catholic students at the high school the first visionary asked what the Virgin Mary meant by "conversion". In regards to prayer, I find it curious that in your divine experiences you have never been asked to pray. How can you have one without prayer, since prayer is talking to God? In any case, after reading some of your blog posts, I think the book will give you many answers that you seem to seeking and will help you. I hope you take these words in the kindness that it was intended.

  2. Putting your hands in the prayer position is to do with energy, it connects the circuit of the heart. Divine experiences with the divine has no requirement for prayer. To be clairvoyant and clairaudient are wonderful spiritual gifts given by those that walk the right path home to the LORD.

    Shabat is everyday for the masters of realities.

    The Messiah