Thursday, 15 December 2011


Well Cameron is sounding a bit more compassionate. However, he is still putting the responsibility on to parents for the government system that has failed humanity for generations. The first people to take responsibility and ownership for co-creation is the government and its leaders. Including MP's and the academics.

You have all supported systems created by academics that couldn't run their own business; let alone a society. The 'troubled families' as Cameron calls them is about right. The elite are the troubled families that are responsible for humanities plight. The rich like Cameron and his fellow aristocrats have been allowed to bleed the people dry, then he wonders why troubled families are the outcome of government systems.

All the areas on the map, are also all areas of high immigration. Cameron mentions truanting children. Why do children truant? Education is not providing them with the essentials that are required by children. Education does not, and has not developed their unique and natural talents. Cameron is really no different to the American evangelist James Dobson, education and its teachers have been forced to teach what the academics and business say that they require of the children.

Children are not a commodity David Cameron, without love they become so. Children are not a number, you cannot make them submit to what you require like punching in a few more statistics. Children are not  a statistic to be conditioned to what the academics require like governments have been doing for generations. This is the age of non-convention. Its a different time and a different place; to when you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Is David Cameron a trouble shooter? No. Was he born on a council estate? No. David Cameron is one of the aristocrats that calls out failure and demands responsibility at the same time as demonstrating none.
Its time for the essentials to be given to children, what they require not what governments and the corporations require of them.

The minority have no authority over the majority.

This country and its children have had enough.



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