Friday, 9 December 2011

Constance Briscoe JUDGED

I have been informed that it was Constance Briscoe that was the judge that appeared on television that this video is addressing. Apparently Constance is also an author, and has been involved in a court case against her and her publishers for libel. 

The case was brought against her by her own mother. So what does that tell you about the woman? Of course the justice system would conclude the case in favor of Constance. We all know how the old boy network stick together and defend their own. Wherever there is injustice, there is no justice. 

She also admits to having facial cosmetic surgery and the bible warns about cutting the flesh. It tells those that cut the flesh that they will not be permitted to enter the holy assembly of the LORD. Not in this generation or the generations to come. 

Here is a woman that can afford cosmetic surgery, and yet she stands against the poor. Yes, she does, she is a prosecutor and we know what the LORD says about them. 

Of course Hodder & Stoughton would publish such an author, as the Dead Sea Scrolls predicted only one in a thousand would be able to stand before Joseph in integrity. Hodder Stoughton were not able to do so. 

Constance Briscoe made a claim on television and could not back up her argument up with statistics [3] Does it remind you of her book 'Ugly', and the law suit against her? Perhaps Constance would like to read my research carried out with the poor, then maybe her perception of reality would change. 

So Constance Briscoe you are now judged for judging and prosecuting the poor.

The poor require healing, help and job opportunities, not judgement from Constance Briscoe.

Woe to you Constance Briscoe.



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