Sunday, 25 December 2011

No Discrimination in Israel

In the Redeemer, Divine Intervention post we shared the Isaiah 59 prophecy. [1]

Today there is some excellent news. Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu as said 'No place for harassment or discrimination in Israel'. However, he also called it a 'Liberal Western democracy and described the haredi extremists as 'villains'.

All signs calling for gender segregation of side walls are also to be removed.

"Netanyahu said the government will use all the legal tools at its disposal to combat the exclusion of women in the public sphere, but said this was not only a legal issue, rather also a societal one. "This is an issue of public and societal norms, and therefore I call on all public leaders and spiritual leaders to work against this phenomenon."

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz on Sunday morning told Israel Radio that the 
harediextremists who commit violence against women and girls belong behind bars.

Steinitz branded the haredim involved as "psychopaths and villains," during the interview. He 
added that Interior Minister Eli Yishai should order the mayor of Beit Shemesh to immediately remove the signs prohibiting women from walking on certain parts of the sidewalk in haredi neighborhoods." 

The article also shares that there are some Haredi cities that are segregated from the rest of the people.

Maybe it is time for Israel to consider the root cause of the core issues that the Haredi co-create. Is it really sane in the 21st century to believe the world is only 6,000 years old? Is that really healthy for Israeli children?

Zechariah 11 mentions how the shepherds are being cut off in this timeline, well the Haredi cut themselves off from the people with their belief system in addition to location.

When I stood above them dressed in creamy white in the synagogue in Safed they could not stop looking up because the light of the sun of righteousness shone above them. The Messenger of the Covenant just smiled down at them. How wonderful then that the women are up are in the heavens and the Haredi men are on the ground.



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