Sunday, 18 December 2011


Rowntree is one of the companies being called out for targeting children on-line in a report from the British Heart Foundation. [1] Rowntree was started by a charitable Quaker and I feel sure that he would be turning in his grave to witness how the company is being run today.

Joseph Rowntree bestowed half of his fortune and shares in Rowntree to be used for charitable causes and one can view the work of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on-line. [2] On the site there is an article by their Director of Communication on poverty. [3]

What contributes to poverty? The corporations and they are in the ten years of trial and tribulation mentioned in the book of Revelation. As we know sugar is a poison to the body and it is also addictive. Hence, Rowntree's and the other corporations that entice children to purchase sweets with sugar have to look at themselves as contributors to poverty and disease. Have you seen the price of a bar of chocolate lately?

Would Jesus Christ entice children with sugar coated sweets? Certainly not.

Teeth were not made to be covered in sugar. Hence, why sugar is a large contributor to teeth decay. The sweet manufacturers should pay for the dental treatment that those in poverty cannot afford. Even on the NHS, few can afford forty pounds for a teeth clean let alone regular treatment.

So what would Joseph Rowntree do if he was here today?

He would use his profits to fund dental centres in areas of poverty to ensure that they receive the dental treatment that the poor require. He would fund libraries so that children can continue to read in them. He would ensure that there was good education for the poor, and give education grants to students so that they can study without financial concern. He would provide the poor with human rights lawyers to defend the humans rights of the people. He would stand up to the social welfare reforms being introduced by this government.

Joseph Rowntree was a champion of the poor and it is time for the Rowntree corporation to get their priorities right.






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