Monday, 12 December 2011

Central America Cultural Genocide Kidney Epidemic

We first distributed an article about cultural genocide back in January 2008. Now there is so-called mysterious kidney disease epidemic sweeping Central America - its the second biggest cause of death among men in El Salvador and Nicaragua. These men are working in the region of the vast sugar cane fields. The BBC news report mentions a 19 year old that is hunched over like an old man and that he is being poisoned from the inside. Both his father and grandfather also died of the same condition and three of his brothers have it as well, they all worked in the sugar cane fields. 

The report claims its due to overwork. However, it is clear that it is something that they are coming in contact with in the sugar cane fields. It begs the question what is being put upon those fields and sugar cane? [1] Agrochemicals being used on sugar cane. [2] This has been going on for some years and the scientists still haven't solved it. [3] I don't suppose it would occur to them to get a kinesiology team involved to test the bodies of the men. If there are any alternative health professionals reading this, please share with any kinesiologists that you know would be interested in helping these people. 


"The Achuar of the northern Peruvian Amazon are fighting to keep Canadian oil company Talisman Energy out of their ancestral territory, but the company continues to ignore the Achuar's demands and expand operations. Recent testimony from Salesian Priest Father Diego Clavijo highlights the heightened tensions and risk of conflict caused by Talisman's "divide and conquer" strategy."

This urgent situation calls for immediate action by Talisman. Sign the petition asking Talisman to leave the Achuar in peace and withdraw from their territory:

From what the elder has said on this video it sounds like Talisman have employed a few radical muslims. Do any other peoples say that they will kill people and then take their wives? This video is from Amazon watch. [4]


They have also been in SUDAN and we all know about the trouble that there has been there.



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